Why Do Dogs Howl?

Understanding your dog’s behavior can be a challenging process. For instance, why do dogs howl?

Experts confess that howling behavior in dogs continues to be mostly a mystery.

However if Fido goes wild at the sound of sirens or other dogs, it is not due to the fact his ears hurt.

It’s his origins that’s to some extent to blame.

Your dog shares his penchant for howling with his distant relation, the wolf. Similar to barking or growling, howling is a profoundly in-bedded behavior that allows wolves communicate with one another.

In the wild, a howl generally relays one of two messages: either to inform a rival pack that they’re approaching on forbidden territory or to guide a careless wolf back to his pack. In case your dog howls reacting to another dog or a loud siren, he might be saying, “Get off my turf!” or just, “Where are you guys? I’m over here!”

And in case your dog howls when you leave the house, it may be because he thinks that this fuss will lead to some response from you, his pack leader. Your pet most likely hopes that his howl will guide you home in time for dinner and a game of fetch.

Source: livescience.com