What I Like Most Doing With my Boxer is…

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We’ve asked our Facebook Fans to complete the phrase “what I like most doing with my Boxer is…”.

Here are the top comments:

…taking her to a nursing home because she is a Therapy Dog. ~ Lynn Winstead

…everything. ~ Joyce Liby Jensen

…talking to her… she cocks her head from side to side like she totally understands me. ~ Kim Davis Morrow

…getting cuddles and napping with the loudest body pillow in the world. ~ Sheena Draper Clark

…whatever she wants!! ~ Nancy Rowland

…hugs, hugs and more hugs! ~ April Sloop

…playing tug o war. ~ Diane M Tinsley

…cuddling and hugging her ~ Roxanne Breyman

…cuddling and going for rides in car she is my co-pilot. ~ Dora Silva Willcox

…cuddling especially since I have two! ~ Brandy Nicole Hickey

…snuggling! ~ Joel Bell

…spooning. I’m the big spoon. ~ Kathy Trippett Trulove

…getting sloppy wet kisses….or shall I say a bath. ~ Krista Sartor-Squires

…everything! ~ Kathy Leonard Wills

…everything she is my third leg. ~ Becky Caton

…go to the leash free beach and see her run and run and run! ~ Lizbeth Hamlin

…snuggling ~ Brenda Black Sewell

…sleeping. She wears me out. Couldn’t sleep without her:) ~ Jill Pardieck Copeland

…cuddling ~ Kristen Connelly

…going to the dog park and showing off her skills. ~ Mimi Ganzorig

…cuddling ~ Cynthia Maleczka

…going horseback riding. She loves it, and she always has to keep an eye on everyone and make sure we’re still there. It’s so cute. ~ Brandi Gibson

…sniffing butts ~ Jason Greenfield

…snuggling ~ Karen Jensen

…cuddling ~ Andrea Benner-Boggs

…what I’m doing right now,…. on the floor rating with my legs on top if him warming up my cold feet… while he snores. ~ Nicolas Caldas

…loving him and her with all my heart. ~ Marcia Ellman Fernbacher

…getting him to talk to me. He sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars! He’s such a clown! ~ Janine Donofrio Labor

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