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We Needed Each Other. We Healed Each Other!

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Back in March 2006 I lost my father very unexpectedly. I literally had a breakdown…

When I lost my dad I literally went into zombie mode nothing could bring me out of my zombie state. I had a 5 year old and a 7 month old baby and I was literally on auto pilot.

Now fast forward to December… It’s my Birthday and Christmas. A first of each with out my dad. I would find myself up late at night searching the Internet for (at the time I didn’t realize it) the perfect family dog. What I discovered was “The Boxer Breed” was perfect or our home. Then I found out there was one available only 40 minuets away from our house. Then on Dec 17th 2006 Goliath became a member of our family….

Goliath right from the start was a perfect match, but unfortunately he started to stop eating… vomiting… diarrhea… very listless… I had no idea what to do. I took him back to the vet numerous times… Goliath was regressing! Every test, x-ray, everything they did came back negative. We changed his food a few times… He would not hold anything down! Something was wrong. I got so engrossed in taking care of this dog that I forgot how depressed I was… I started living again! My son just adored Goliath my daughter would squeal with delight each time she would get him in her view. I knew there had to be something some way to make this dog thrive.

So I kicked my husband out of bed and put the dog there instead… Within days Goliath became a totally different dog. Holding his food down.A bounce in his step… I found myself smiling every time he ate something and didn’t get sick and I couldn’t wait to get in bed and feel him snuggle up against me… Goliath was growing… All because of LOVE!

My Love and dedication to this beautiful dog helped heal whatever it was that was bothering him. What I needed was a total distraction from the constant reminder that my dad wasn’t around anymore… We needed each other. We healed each other!

Maybe Goliath missed his mother as much as I missed my father… He is extremely smart… Who knows what memories he held when he came home to us.

I can’t imagine my life with out my Goliath. I like to tell people he saved me. I think we saved each other.

And I finally had to kick him out of my bed… He grew to be a very healthy 90 pounds! 🙂