We’ve Been Through a Tragedy These Last 3 Days

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Hi there, I have been looking for a support group for boxers and I came across your site, which I really appreciate.

I am happy that there are others that share the same joy of loving a boxer, we have been through a tragedy these last 3 days and just needed to share our story because it is quite miraculous.

We own a white boxer he is a year and half, his name is Nanuk (Inuit for polar bear). We have two children one 5 months old and 5 year old. Nanuk is my daughter’s best friend and she adores him and Nanuk loves her, they have a special bond that is rare. On Monday night our fur son got hit by a SUV in front of our house when he darted for the road. He got hit in the chest and suffered major damage to his internal organs, his lung was the worst and has a tear that is leaking out into his chest cavity. For the past 2 days we have been stabilizing him at the local vet and removing the leaked air from his cavity in hopes that he would start to heal slowly.

Nanuk and his sister

Nanuk and his sister

So in a snow storm with white out conditions we set on our journey with my husband in the back in case he needed to do the manual procedure, I was driving (inexperienced winter driver), we did stop before we got to Moncton to do the manual procedure.

We made it to the specialist and Nanuk is still alive and in good hands, we have a plan of good recovery for his lung tear to heal and he should be ready to come home Dec 21, which is miraculous that he made it this far and also he will be home for Christmas if all goes well from now until then.

I am driving back from the hardest night I have ever had to do, just praying that he is in gods hands now and we have done everything in our power to bring our son back to our daughter for Christmas.

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