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VIDEO: Boxer Dogs Found Close To Death After Horrifying Neglect

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An exhausted boxer dog – its bones clearly noticeable underneath its coat – looks sadly into the camera right after being rescued.

He is one of 2 boxers, two-year-old siblings, which were hurried to a vet centre run by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) for life-saving treatment.

They were featured in an episode of TV3-show Animal A&E, which investigates the ‘epidemic’ of undesirable and dumped dogs in Ireland.

The dogs were filmed being treated by ISPCA staff, as the show’s presenter Andrea Hayes and the team look on.

The scary state of the pets demonstrates the ugly circumstance of an expanding ‘epidemic’ of dumped dogs that are dealt out by the ISPCA’s representatives.

Ms Hayes said: ‘We went to the ISPCA centre in Longford and we got a call to say two boxer dogs had been brought in. They were among the most severely neglected dogs the inspector had seen. They were completely anaemic and severely malnourished. It would have taken quite a lot of time to get them so starved. They had sores on their body which showed their skin was a closed to the bone as it could get.’

ISPCA Inspector, Conor Dowling mentioned ‘irresponsible’ dog ownership is a main animal welfare problem in Ireland with way too many owners not taking on principles like neutering and microchipping.

VIDEO See trailer for the documentary. NOTE some may find distressing

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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