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Two-Legged Puppy ‘Duncan Lou Who’ Receives Wheelchair

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Two-legged boxer puppy Duncan Lou Who, whose story has traveled the world, now has a wheelchair.

Amanda Giese of Panda Paws Rescue, who took in Duncan, tells initially Duncan did not want to make use of the “lime green space ship.”

“He is more comfortable out of it because for his entire life he’s done everything every other dog can do on his own,” she explained.

However an interesting thing occurred when Duncan was out making use of his wheelchair. Duncan’s “brother” puppy Ducky hopped up on the back.

“Ducky climbed onto the back of his space ship and instantly Duncan felt more confident,” Amanda explained.

“You could see his whole posture change, his eyes lit up, he wanted to GO GO GO and run with the others. I have a feeling Ducky will get plenty of chariot rides, thanks to his best seahorse friend.”

In case you have not previously read his story – Duncan came into this world with seriously deformed rear legs and pelvis. The bones in his legs were totally fused by the time he was 8 weeks old and there was no chance to fix them.

Removing his rear legs gives him the best probability at a very good life. The surgery was done 30 days ago when he was 12 weeks old.

“Duncan Lou Who doesn’t let his unique differences slow him down and he doesn’t know he is any different,” Amanda mentioned.

Duncan proceeds to have physical therapy, massage therapy and hydrotherapy to aid align his spine, which was twisted due to his deformed legs putting pressure on it.

The chair is to assist take tension off of his spine, Amanda explained.

“The future is unknown when it comes to how Duncan’s body will adapt, form and compensate. All we can do is provide every available resource of support & care to him in hopes that he grows into a strong, healthy, happy adult Boxer.

WATCH the video… Duncan Lou Who takes on a brand new day learning how to love his lime green space ship. Thankfully his sidekick alien friend rides shotgun, helping him build confidence. His space ship is necessary as an additional form of mobility & support for his spine as he grows.

Source: king5.com

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