Top 10 Common Dog Fears

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Here are the most common dog phobias:

1. Fear of Thunder

Astraphobia is a fear of thunder, and it’s an extremely common phobia in dogs. The level of this fear can vary amongst dogs. A few may just have a mild fear of thunder. In such a case, a dog may possibly tremble a bit or you may well observe flattened ears and a tucked tail in the course of a thunderstorm. Other dogs might have an even more extreme phobia which leads them to hide, become destructive, or lose control of their bowels or bladder.

You may already know Brock, The Boxer… Brock has developed some strange fears. They range from power cords to Santa Claus… take a look:

2. Fear of Fireworks

A fear of fireworks is another common dog phobia. Identical to a fear of thunderstorms, the noisy and unforeseen sounds and light displays of fireworks make a lot of dogs tremble in fear. For a few dogs, gradually getting them accustomed to the sound of fireworks may eradicate the phobia. In other situations, you might require to make use of management techniques. Dogs having a severe fireworks phobia may require to be treated with an anti-anxiety medication or sedatives.

3. Fear of Being Left Alone

The fear of being left home alone is known as separation anxiety. Dogs that are afflicted by separation anxiety have a tendency to demonstrate destructive behavior the moment their owners leave the house. Additional symptoms include things like abnormal barking and housebreaking accidents whenever left alone.

4. Fear of the Veterinarian

It is usual for dogs to be scared of visiting the vet. A dog’s initial exposure to going to the veterinarian generally involves strange smells, being handled in new ways, being restrained, and getting vaccinations. It’s no surprise dogs may quickly turn out to be afraid of a visit to the vet. In case there are no other phobias associated, this fear can frequently be effortlessly resolved just by getting a dog to the veterinarian for a few social visits that don’t involve an examination.

5. Fear of Riding in the Car

Many dogs are scared of riding in the car. The fear is typically caused by insufficient early exposure to car rides or negative experiences with riding in the car, like getting car sick, riding in the car to be left at a shelter, or simply taking a car ride for a visit to the vet. It’s possible to get over your dog’s fear of riding in the car by making use of treats and reward to gradually attract your dog into the car, and then working up to taking rides in tiny steps.

6. Fear of Going Up and Down Stairs

A dog owner may possibly not comprehend his dog has a fear of going up and down stairs till his dog puts on the breaks as they get closer to a set of steps. This phobia is usually caused by insufficient early socialization. A dog who is not confronted with steps as a young puppy might develop of fear of going up and down them whenever he runs into a stairway later in life.

7. Fear of Men

It may shock people to find out that it’s pretty common for dogs to be scared of men. While in certain cases this fear may possibly come from being mistreated by a man, the majority of the time it’s a result of lack of socialization.

8. Fear of Strangers

A fear of strangers is identical to a fear of men, however in this case, a dog may be scared of any person he does not know. This is usually a challenging problem to overcome since it is not possible to train your dog to accept every possible new person. It is essential to let your dog to get closer to new people in his own time.

9. Fear of Children

Dogs develop a fear of children for a number of factors. One is a lack of premature exposure to children. It’s not unusual for people to get a pet before turning into parents. Except if you get a puppy into a household with children, your dog may well not get the chance to socialize with them.

10. Fear of Objects

A lot of dogs develop a fear of specific objects – the vacuum cleaner, holiday decorations, a child’s toy. Frequently this kind of fear is not a big problem, as numerous objects may basically be moved out of sight. In some cases, nevertheless, it may be problematic. For example if your dog refuses to walk past a statue outside your apartment building. In cases like this, you might need to gradually expose your dog to objects he is scared of in a positive, happy way.


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