Tips to Keep a Dog Entertained When You’re Away

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It always seems that your dog gives you “the look” whenever you are planning to leave.

You understand the one I am talking about. That look with the longing, sad eyes, a little bit of whimpering and also a sad bark for good measure. You feel guilty, however you cannot have your dog with you constantly! Well, listed below are several suggestions to maintain your dog entertained while you’re absent during the day!

1. Hide snacks

Dogs, such as a lot of humans, are incredibly food motivated. You are eating dinner, they don’t want to eat their dinner, they would like yours! You know how it is any time you’re hoping to take pleasure in a nice roast chicken or a juicy steak. Well, any time you are away, hide out a few snacks to keep them busy. Behind a cabinet, underneath the bed, anyplace and everywhere you let your dog to wander in your house. It is going to be like their personal little scavenger hunt! And even though you’re gone throughout the day doesn’t mean your dog has to chow down on fatty snacks such as meats and cheeses. Dogs may eat apple, carrots and some other fruits and veggies, just as humans. Just no onions or chocolate!!! Also at Petco, Petsmart or even on Ebay you can buy a thing called a treatball. The treatball is a round toy that you can hide food in. As your dog bats it around, he’s compensated by little treats popping out.

2. Leave the TV or radio on

Dogs, exactly like humans could get lonely in case they’re just poking throughout the house throughout the day. In particular in case you’re leaving from the planned routine. By letting the TV or radio on, you help maintain your dog amused with the stimulus of sight and sound. A few dogs have been known to have preferred channels; Animal Planet, maybe!

3. Lay out a selection of toys

Toys are an essential thing for your dog. They let him indoor exercise any time the weather is bad or you’re going away for the day. One thought is to maintain a distinct selection of toys hidden away that your dogs doesn’t see on a regular basis. Then whenever you leave for the day, give Fido those toys. It will be like a plentiful bunch of presents has just been bestowed on him. With a lot of “new” things to play with, he will not actually know what hit him! Likewise, Petco, Petsmart and even Ebay sell voice recognition toys. These are toys that record you and your families’ voice. Then when you are away and your dog plays with them, your voice can be listened to as your dog activates it.

4. Have a friend or neighbor stop by

Certainly dogs aren’t like cats and do not enjoy to be left for over 16 hours at most. An over night to a dog may be distressing while a cat’s psyche is far better prepared to deal with it. Therefore in case you’re going to be away all day long, have a friend or fellow dog lover stop in, to ensure every thing is okay. Perhaps they can even feed your dog to maintain the feeding times regular. And if they are a fantastic friend, might be they’ll even take the dog for a walk or to the dog park.


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