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We’re starting a new section in this website dedicated to Boxer Art. Here we’ll show you various Boxer artistic creations, like paintings, photography, sculptures and much more.

Today, we interview Caras Ionut, a Romanian photographer, that loves to do photo manipulation with Photoshop.

Face to face

Face to face

Music can drive you crazy

Music can drive you crazy

BFC: Tell us a little about you…

Caras Ionut: Hello Everybody! My name is Caras Ionut, I’m 35 years old and I live in Iasi, Romania, with my beautiful wife and our little 2 year old angel, Ioana.

BFC: When and why did you become a photographer?

Caras Ionut: I think I began shooting when I was 10 years old with an analog camera, but I only took it seriously around 5 years ago.

BFC: Tell us a little about your work…

Caras Ionut: I love what I do. I love capture and share beautiful images with as many people as possible. I don’t have a special theme, I like to shoot everything that ends up with a very strong story and a powerful concept. The final work also depends on my mood, the material I’m using. I like mostly colorful work and soft toned which creates a special mood!

BFC: What’s “behind” the creation of a photo?

Caras Ionut: I just love to play with Photoshop. I like to create imaginary worlds, places and things. I like to be creative!

BFC: You use a lot of animals in your photos, including boxer dogs (and other breeds as well)….

Caras Ionut: Yes, I have been using also other animals in my work, like dears, elephants, birds, fishes and a few more. Sometimes, I go to the zoo and I photograph all animals I find there 🙂

BFC: Do you own any pet? A dog? A boxer?

Caras Ionut: I love animals, but I don’t have any pet currently. When I was younger, I had some fish and small birds.

BFC: What’s the name of the Boxer that is featured in your photos?

Caras Ionut: Her name is Maya. She’s a friend’s pet.

BFC: Can people buy these photos?

Caras Ionut: Yes, all my work is for sale, in 4 different format, on my website.

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Visit Caras Ionut’s website: //

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Other Photoshop creations:

Happy valentines

Happy valentines




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