The Boxer: Early Origins

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The Boxer is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Known for its superb skills and its balanced behavior, it has the ability to serve multiple roles. Because of this, these dogs are kept both as pets and working companions. How this breed came about is a story in itself. This article will talk about the early origins of the boxer breed.


The story of the Boxer first started in the 1700s in Germany. It is a direct descendant of the now-extinct dog breed Brabanter Bullenbeisser. This dog, first developed in Brabant, Belgium, is well-known as a hunting dog. In fact, its name literally means “bull biter”.

The Bullenbeisser plays different roles based on its unique traits and abilities, and most of its roles are still played by its descendant, the Boxer. Other than bull baiting, these dogs are also used for hunting different animals. In fact, German nobles use these dogs to hunt for wild boars.

But beyond being a hunting dog, the Bullenbeisser was also very popular as a pet. In fact, it’s called the butcher’s dog because this breed is considered a favorite by butchers and cattle dealers. Not only are these dogs very loyal to its owner and its family, it’s also a very capable guardian.


In order to create the Boxer, the Bullenbeisser was mated with the Bulldog, a breed of British origin and armed with its own distinct characteristics. It is from this cross that the Boxers of today were created. The combined characteristics of these 2 dogs made their descendants an even more formidable force in hunting.

This breed has proven to be so popular that by the 1850s, the boxer is recognized as an official dog breed in Germany. And as this century comes to a close, clubs for Boxer owners have emerged. In 1895, the first Boxer club in Germany, the Boxer-Klub e.v. Sitz Munchen (German Boxer Club), was established.


For any dog breed to gain legitimacy, a breed standard must be established. This is what exactly happened in 1902, when a detailed breed standard for the Boxer was released.

During this time, the breed also started to spread beyond the German borders. By this century, the Boxer has exploded in popularity, with different nations adopting these strong and intelligent dogs in their home. Right now, the Boxer is constantly among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in America.

Why the Name Boxer?

It’s a curious question being debated by different dog enthusiast circles. But how did the name Boxer come about? There are various answers that aim to explain this. Here are some of the most popular answers.

There are some people who believe that the name of this dog came from the dog’s stance when standing up. Some people say that when the Boxer stands up on its hind legs, its stance imitates that of a boxer (pugilist).

Another theory considered as plausible is that the name boxer came from an alteration of the German words used to describe this dog. Boxl, boxerl, and baxer are 3 German words used to describe this dog, and any of these words may be the root of the Boxer’s name.

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