Social Media Finds Boxer Dog 7 Miles From Home

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Cody Moore is grateful to have his dog Ziggy back home.

“He never runs away either he never runs away that was the first time ever,” explained Moore.

However Ziggy might be far more pleased.

“His back leg is limped really bad,” mentioned Moore. “Now he has scratches and stuff all over him pretty beat up.”

“It’s been such cold weather, all the ice and I wouldn’t think the dog could even survive in weather like that, it’s unbelievable,” said Moore’s aunt Anita Highland. “So your worst thought is that he’s probably not surviving.”

Especially given that Ziggy was about 7 miles far from his Kettering address.

“He was just so scared. He ran and ran. Everyone who saw him says he just kept moving and when you try to catch him he just ran faster so I was really worried about him. I thought it’s awfully cold outside he’s got no hair coat to speak of,” explained Gail Pretzinger who found Ziggy.

Ziggy’s family placed ads online for the dog they’ve had 6 years and so did Pretzinger.

“In the Eden Meadows area of Bellbrook, there is a brown adult boxer with black muzzle running loose,” Pretzinger posted on Facebook.

At last, after searching Two weeks, Ziggy’s family found Pretzinger’s post on the Dayton Ohio and surrounding area lost and found pets Facebook page.

And fate likewise had her part in helping to take Ziggy home. While he was away, we got plenty of snow and fresh snow signifies fresh dog tracks.

“There were footprints and my nephew and niece went over there and they were looking around and they spotted him,” explained Highland.

“He was really excited and confused,” explained Moore. “He was more confused than excited. I don’t think he knows how he got there.”

“At some point you wonder if someone picked him up and drop him off, but what’s weird is my sister lives there and that’s when he used to live. And you know how they say dogs want to find her way home? Maybe he was trying to find his way home,” stated Highland.


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