She Deserves the Best :)

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I rescued a momma boxer and her 4 pups from a chicken house down here in Alabama.

The conditions were really bad and there was even a dead boxer about 5 feet away from where she had her pups. I couldn’t leave her to the same fate.

I have found great homes for the pups, now I am just concentrating on getting her fixed up. The day I took them i brought them straight to my wonderful vet Dr. Bruce Lee in Cullman, Alabama. He gave all of them there first (and later their second ) shots, checked stools, did a skin scraping on momma, checked her for heartworm and gave me enough wormer for all the doses, sentinel, meds for her ringworm and 2 large bags of food. All at no cost, that man is truly an animal lover and he cares enough to help:)


Recent photo of Momma

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