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She Came Into My Life At The Right Moment!

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I truly believe my boxer Sadie was a God sent… She came into my life at the right time!

Back in October of 1994, my parents’ Siamese cats had a litter. I immediately fell in love with one particular female, and every time I came to visit, she was the first one I wanted to see!

A month and 2 days after the birth of the litter, was my birthday. My mom and dad offered to buy a battery for my junky old car ( I was only 21 and starting out my life on my own), and to do some maintenance on it. When my dad and I were done working on the car, my mom was walking down the stairs with a gift bag and told me they had one more gift for me. I realized what it was when I saw the bag moving. When I saw that little Siamese head poking out of the bag, I was overjoyed. I named her Sasha.

Sasha has been my companion through life since then; through many moves, through my marriage, the birth of my children, etc. She has been so precious to me!

Fast forward to 2011, my wife comes to me and tells me a friend from work has a dog in need – a boxer. Her friend’s father owns some rental properties and was about to evict some tenants who hadn’t been paying. The tenants decided to pack up and leave before the eviction, and when the owner found out they were gone, he decided to go by the property to clean up and repair for the next tenants. As he went into the backyard, he found this helpless boxer just laying in the dirt. She was filthy and so, so skinny.

Sadie... My Boxer, sent by God!

Sadie… My Boxer, sent by God!

In January of 2012, 3 months after Sadie came into my life, my dear Sasha passed away. I was holding her in my arms on my recliner, when she gave her last breath. I was devastated beyond belief. It was a very difficult time for me, but with Sadie here, I was able to get through it. If Sadie had not been in my life, to walk with me, to keep me busy, to cuddle with me, I’m not sure how well I would’ve handled Sasha’s passing. As it is, it was very difficult to lose my friend of almost 18 years. Sadie was always by my side, as if she knew and understood what I was feeling. She came into my life in October, the same month Sasha was born, just in enough time to allow me to grow this bond with her, a bond that would help relieve the pain of losing Sasha a little bit.

Sasha lived a good life, longer than the life expectancy of a Siamese cat, and I hope that I will have Sadie for a long time as well.

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