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UPDATE: After Abandoning Boxer Puppy, Seattle Seahawks Star Sued

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Seattle Seahawks defensive Michael Bennett not merely left behind his boxer puppy — he caused the pup to have an emotional breakdown that destroyed his health, this based on a lawsuit.

Bennett was in trouble with a pet boarding facility in Tampa, FL, where he presumably left his 4-month-old boxer Koa in March right after he signed with the Seahawks.

The facility states it made numerous attempts to contact Bennett, however it didn’t get an answer — so now, it’s taking Bennett to court.

In the lawsuit, filed in Florida, the Lucky Dog Daycare & Resort claims the puppy was so distraught after being abandoned, he “eventually began refusing to eat, losing his hair and clearly failing to thrive.”

There’s more … Lucky Dog not just claims Bennett extorted them out of daycare bills for Koa, but says it likewise had to pay for “costs of arranging a foster home” for the dog.

Lucky Dog is seeking more than $5,000 to make things right. Bennett refused to comment on this.

As for Koa… we’re told his new parents renamed him Quigley… and he’s been growing under their care.


Source: tmz.com

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