‘Robot’ Searches Sewer For Missing Dog

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Titusville (FL) dog owners Kris Lee and husband Bill searched for 15 hours on Thursday for their lost dog, “Sugar Baby.” They had received a call that their lost doggie was seen in a area 5 miles from their home. The 4-year-old Boxer slipped out of her fenced yard 8 days ago after a gate was left open.

“She’s one of the kids. I mean, I’ve got grown two-legged kids, but I’ve got three four-legged ones too,” explained Kris.

Late Wednesday night, a resident residing near Edington and Country Club heard a dog barking inside the storm water drain of an unfinished development.

“I wasn’t sure what it was, and I got my daughter to confirm, and it was definitely a dog barking,” Lavar Edwards told.

Police were called out and confirmed that a dog was trapped in the storm drain. A city employee sent a motorized sewer crawler inspection camera inside the pipe but was not able to find the dog.

For the remainder of the day, over a dozen people helped Sugar Baby’s owners search for the dog. A few crawled into storm water drains on their hands and knees, whilst other people combed the empty lots.

“We’re just eternally grateful to them,” said Kris. “We couldn’t do it without them.”

City employees believe the dog continues to be in the sewer and was probably scared by the crawler device.

FOX 35 News Orlando

Source: My Fox Orlando

UPDATE [Nov 28th]: Boxer Dog Missing For a Few Weeks Found in Titusville