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Rested Her Head On My Shoulders While I Cried

[box style=’info’]Story sent by Tiffany Ritchie from Leesville, Louisiana[/box]


One day, I was sitting at the kitchen table, filing my unemployment claim for the week. Bell and Isis were in the living room laying on the couch half asleep. Overwhelming emotion hit me and I broke down and cried. Isis heard me cry and got off of the couch, came over to me at the kitchen table, stood on her back legs to where her front paws fell over my shoulders and rested her head on my shoulder while I cried. She then began licking my tears. I was so shocked, yet comforted by the sincere concern in her eyes that I just hugged her back. Isis and I held each other for over two minutes until I stopped crying.

I have always known that dogs feel love. On this day, I have never felt so much love from my wonderful boxer Isis. I hope that she feels how much I love her everyday, the way that I know she loves me!

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