Rescued Boxer… Sort of…

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Meet Harley. She wasn’t this beautiful when I got her so let me tell you the story.

For many years I was an AKC registered Boxer. I had always had beautiful well behaved dogs. Several years ago, I decided I would no longer breed. There was never any money made from our litters and we were lucky to break even, and we always fell in love with the puppies and keeping a few to many so my time for breeding had ended. At that time I had a Bindle male named Brutus, his fawn mother named Lacey, and my beautiful white female, Snowy.

One stormy night we had spent the night away from home. Brutus and Lacey were on a wireless fence system and when it would rain they would come around and sleep on the carport if we were not home. We arrived home the next morning to find several of my husband’s tools drug out in the driveway and the front porch and walls covered in blood but no Brutus or Lacey. Snowy was an inside dog, so inside she was a bungled bunch of nerves. Something horrible had happened! We searched high and low for Brutus and Lacey. They could not have went far with their fence collars on.

As we were looking our neighbor came out and he had Lacey. He said someone had shot Brutus and Brutus had wondered to their house as they came in very late that night. When he saw them he limped across the yard and collapsed and died. Heartbreaking as this was already, it was my son’s 16th birthday and Mother’s Day. We notified the police and they found an area where a bullet had entered the rock on the front porch. They told us to get the bullet they would have to remove the rock on the Front Porch. It was a rental house and the Landlord did not approve the removal. We never found out who did this. Lacey was very old. She lived only a few weeks after this. She had stopped eating and no matter what we or the vet tried to do we know she died from a broken heart. That was the last of the dogs I had from my champion male Tyson who had died many years before from old age. That night my son decided he would not rest without another Boxer and I went and purchased another beautiful fawn male and he was named Chevy after my son’s truck. We bought a house out in the country not long after that and moved.

So at this point I still have Snowy who was my soul mate and my very best friend from the day she was born in my kitchen floor. She was then 13 years old. She was white with one brindle ear and held the keys to my heart. I always gave my furbabies the best of care sparing no expense with them. Snowy developed breast cancer, and as we all know they have weak hearts anyway. With all the decisions laid before us the one that stuck out the most is that if we started the treatments, her heart may not handle it and we would lose her. We decided to allow her to live out the rest of her days comfortably. She never wanted me to see her hurt. When I was around she would play and run just as she did in her younger days, but I would hide and watch her and when she thought I wasn’t watching you could tell she had grown tired and was in pain. Soon she couldn’t hide the pain anymore and gave up being able to hold down her food and we knew it was time to stop her suffereing. In February of 2012 Snowy went to Doggy heaven. I never believed in cremation, but as my son pointed out, Snowy had never been outside in the rain so why would I bury her where she would be left in a storm. So Snowy is in a beautiful container on my fireplace. I was broken hearted and it killed me to not have her wake me up every morning and be ready to jump in the car to go wherever I was going.

As August rolled around I still woke up every morning with tears in my eyes, and my husband asked me if I had seen any white boxer puppies for sale. I told him I had heard there was a little in another town. There was no papers on the pups but the mom and dad were on sight. I didn’t care about the papers, she would be spayed and I was out of the breeding business. I contact the person and he said he had one female left and he wanted $100 for her. My son and I made arrangement to go see her.

harley grown

Harley Grown

She is now a year old and her name is Harley. She is beautiful and I am trying hard to make her be at least close to what my Snowy was. All my other Boxers were always high dollar dogs and I never had any behavior problem with them. This one is a little different. At this time I can say she has probably done about $1500 worth of damage around our house chewing and playing rough and the amount of money I have spent in chew toys, bones, and vet bills surpasses anything I have ever spent on any of my other boxers. But none of that matters, so instead of thinking I bought a sick dog to start with I prefer to think I rescued her from the depths of puppy hell she was in and have brought out the most beautiful dog, and to think those people were thinking about keeping her when I first contacted them. We work hard in training her, she is a lot more hyper than any of the other boxers I have had, but that is okay, as I have decided to take better care of myself, and she gives me a reason to get out and run. So in a way she has rescued me from my heart break over Snowy.

Oh and the story on her tail. She swung it with such force through the house that it caused problems, so when I had her spayed at 6 months under anesthesia, our vet went ahead and docked her tail. She had no pain from it, it healed quickly and she never missed it. She is my beautiful Angel!

And that is my rescue story. The first picture of her as a baby was taken in the car on the way home the day I purchased her. The second is what she looks like now and the third is her and her big brother Chevy.

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