Recovery From Life At Puppy Mill

Tracy, a 4-year-old Boxer was brought to the vet by the owner of an Amish puppy mill because she wasn’t getting pregnant. If the vet couldn’t fix the problem, he only would pay to have her euthanized.

The vet refused to euthanize her and called Adopt A Boxer, which offered to cover all the costs.

Adopt A Boxer Rescue

Se was skinny, sick and extremely weak. The vet began to treat her and after a long period of time, she showed signs of improvement.

At her new foster home, Tracy is getting better and relaxing with her new friends, including Angus.

Adopt A Boxer Rescue

Tracy is getting stronger every day, and she will soon find a forever home.

Although Tracy was in a pretty bad shape by the time she got help, she was one of the lucky mill moms who survived.

Adopt A Boxer Rescue