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Puppy Doing Time Until Abuse Case Resolved

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Three months ago we shared with you the story regarding an animal cruelty case where the witnesses saw a puppy slammed to the ground.

The witnesses are a couple of police officers who detained the owner right in front of the police station.

Monday the suspect was in court again and once again, the case is not settled.

The only one doing time though is the puppy who was 2 months old last August.

The puppy named Trooper was comforted inside the district three police station right after officers say they saw his owner throw him to the ground right outside. Miles Howard was detained for cruelty to animals after telling police he can take care of his own dog anyway he wants.

The SPCA treated Trooper’s scrape under his chin, and that’s where he’s been ever since.

Trooper meet with reporter Deb Dixon on Monday and she found him a bit bigger, however still all puppy. The boxer/ german shepherd mix is being held, doing time if you will, as the justice system creeps along.

Trooper is part of the court system evidence so nothing can happen till that has been resolved.

We’re holding him, trying to make his remain as enjoyable as possible… but he’s missing… missing out, he’s 5 months old, he’s a puppy who requires to get a home as quickly as possible.

Why such a long time for a misdemeanor crime? It took time for the prosecution to turn over all the documents Howards attorney required.

Then it required an additional month for tests to figure out if Howard is competent to stand trial.

He is, and was, ready for a jury trial Monday; however it was the prosecutor who asked for additional time to get someone from the SPCA in court to testify.

But Trooper cannot have a home yet either. Maximum penalty for Howard is 180 days, Trooper’s by now served fifty percent of that time in a cage.

At this point he has to return back considering that he is evidence, he cannot have any other dogs with him.

Trooper is in isolation. To some it may seem the four legged victim is the one being punished. The next hearing is January 13th. Trooper will be 7-months old.

Source: Local 12

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