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Pet Owner Revives 7-Month-Old Boxer Puppy After She Collapsed

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When a puppy suddenly keeled over after being stung by a bee, its owners began to panic.

But luckily their daughter, a 20-year-old nursery worker, knew exactly what to do. Emma Harris realised that seven-month-old boxer Lola had suffered an allergic reaction and swung into action. Decided to bring the family dog back from the dead, she started carrying out CPR.

Recalling the instances right after Lola swallowed the bee and was stung,  Miss Harris stated: ‘She seemed fine at first and then five minutes later she was sick.

‘After she collapsed we couldn’t feel a pulse. My dad was shouting, “She’s gone, she’s gone”. My mum was a mess and my dad didn’t know what to do. I don’t know what came over me but I jumped on top of her and started to pump her heart with my fists to give her CPR.’

Neighbour Jim Ness, a retired nurse, noticed the family’s stress and jumped over the fence to help saving Lola.

Following several minutes the dog was revived, choking for breath, and was taken to be evaluated by a veterinarian.

‘I needed to keep pumping her chest for a good couple of minutes,’ Miss Harris stated at the family home in Plymouth.

‘Jim helped me to keep calm and held Lola’s head for me while I pressed on her chest.

article-2332830-1A0BDF21000005DC-164_634x544‘When she started to breathe again he told me to take a rest. I had just given 60 compressions in a row and he said that I might have to give her more.’

The veterinarian gave Lola steroids to aid deal with the bee sting, and she was quickly back to her normal adventurous self.

Her happy owner stated: ‘If I hadn’t taken part in a first aid course at work then I wouldn’t have known what to do.

‘I am quite proud of myself for doing it. She’s my pet and she’s only young. We lost a dog last June, another boxer called Stella, so it would have been horrible to lose Lola so quickly.’

Emma’s grandmother Shirley Ball, 66, said: ‘Her mother told me that Emma just told them to go away and let her get on with it.

‘The circumstances could have been very different if she hadn’t decided to act. I’m just so proud of her right now.’

Do you know how to perform CPR on your dog? Here’s how: