Top Reasons To Own a Boxer

In our Facebook Fan Page we asked our fans (boxer owners…) to tell us the top reasons to own a boxer.

Here’s what they said:

They love kids & are super protective of them.” – Crystal Jaworski

“They make you smile and laugh every single day!!!!” – Ashlee Paige Hall

Loyal, kid friendly, trustworthy, gentle. I could go on and on!!” – Carolyn Coomer Murphy

“Their funny and clever personalities set them apart from other breeds:-)” – Ann Marie Helm

“Shows all emotions.” – Cinda Wilson

“Endless hiney wiggles, great cuddlers, and eyes that care enough to look through your soul. Excellent protectors and companions. My boxer is in my sons room even before I can get there whenever he cries!” – Lori Martini Collini

“They are funny, great with kids, protective, loveable, biggest lap dogs ever, love to cuddle, and give kisses. They are just all around amazing dogs with great personalities!” – Melissa Breeze Bolte

“Great at cuddling, protective, loyal, fun to play with, affectionate, such great personality, beautiful dog in general.” – Kari Hall

“Because my Baby girl holds my heart in her paws….she is a wonderful, rummbly pillow to sleep on and an electric free heater but most of all she is 65 lbs. of pure LOVE!!!” – Regina Keisler Walker

“Because when you come, and you are like, omg.. What have you done? And still love them!” – David Steve Perez

“Sweet, gentle, love kids of all ages, awesome family dog, and we don’t need a doorbell with ours, he has distinctive barks for strangers, and family. Plus his wiggle butt is sooooo sweet!” – Geraldine Porter Hager

“Amazing personalities and faces to match every mood. Never fails to brighten your day!!!” – Sharon Betts Callahan

“Great family dogs that are wonderful with children of all ages. Very protective toward their family. Smart and very trainable.” – Linda Greene Walker

“They are wonderful guard dogs and strangers will not come near. Yet they are so very loving and loyal to all family members young and old!!” – Imelda Garza Jernigan

“Personality plus!! Absolutely the sweetest and most loving dogs ever. Perfect family dogs, great with kids and will protect you just by LOOKING at a stranger. Goofy and entertaining. I don’t know what I’d do without my Titus… He’s my best friend. I have never met a boxer I didn’t instantly fall in love with.” – Kristi Carrier

“They are affectionate, loyal, cuddly, lovable, kissable, funny, etc…… I own 3 or better yet the 3 own me. Such a wonderful part of my life. I Love My Boxers!! They are precious.” – Amanda McCullough Brackin

“Most definitely their sweet nature, always trying to please their owners and a wonderful guard dog… we had one who scared away would-be burglars years ago.” – Marilynn Oosterhof

“They are the best. The biggest lap dog I know. Always ready for a hug. And will make you laugh at least once a day.” – Toshi Boring-Gillespie

“Three L’s: Loyal, Lovable, & Laughable! My Shelby’s temperament was always right for every person she met. Their facial expressions are human-like. Have personality+. BEST DOGS EVER.” – Donna Shirleen Jacobs-Yauger

“You can always tell what they are thinking by their facial expressions.” – Jackie Mckibben

“My boxer greets me everyday with a toy or bone in his mouth and we have a ritual where he stands up on bed and gives me a hug. They are great with children, good watchdogs and intelligent. The best dog ever!” – Kay Moody Buckner

“My boxer loves to snuggle. He weighs 75 lbs but I firmly believe he thinks he weighs about 10 lbs. He is a fiercely protective and loyal boy who is the most lovable baby ever. There is nothing like the love of a boxer. No other dog compares!” – Hanne Wiik Brown

“Super Loyal and VERY humorous. They are like furry little clowns and never stop wanting to play, even in their old age.” – Joshua Stepp

“Loving, loyal, protective, playful, young at heart until the day they enter Into heaven! Nothing like the Boxer bounce!! Great facial expressions! All around amazing! Love them so much!” – Shelley Schmidt

To many reasons to list. I had one when I was a kid… and finally at 57 got another one. He is my angel. I went through a divorce… and this dog saved me. It is that precious face… It is the loyalty… Iit is the stance… I have had him since he was 7 weeks old… It is also that he thinks a 70 pounds he is a lap dog. That is my Wiston.” – Jan Hudson

You can read more testimonials in our fan page.

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