Chelsea Had Been a Part of My Life For 10 Years

[box style=’info’]Story sent by Jennifer Moutria from Lick Creek, IL[/box]

It was a July evening several years ago when I lost my boxer Chelsea.

I had just given her a bath and so I had her collar and tags off. Chelsea was very afraid of thunderstorms, and of course one blew in. She somehow managed to get out of the fence. We looked for hours and hours with no luck. This went on for days. We asked neighbors and posted flyers but still nothing. My heart was broken. Chelsea had been a part of my life for 10 years.

A year later my father in law stopped by to see my daughter on his way home. He left my home on his way to his. He spotted a boxer that looked like Chelsea tied in a back yard. He knocked on the door and told the people that was his son and daughters boxer. (I probably should mention he was in his police uniform lol) They of course denied it. He left their house and called the town police dept.

He then came to my house to tell me what was going on. I gathered my daughter and all the pictures I had of Chelsea, and headed to the house. When we arrived they had brought Chelsea in the house and were talking to the cops. I showed the officer the photos and he then took the photos and compared them with Chelsea.

He told the people they needed to let the dog out and see if she would respond to me. They let her out and I called out her name. She came barreling toward me as fast as she could and knocked me down in in the middle of the street. The officer said I think we have the answers. I got Chelsea back that day.

I drove by that house everyday and never saw her. It turns out they rarely let her out during the day. I got to spend several more years with Chelsea before I lost her to cancer at the age of 15.

[box style=’warning’]Is your dog wearing a collar and tags?

Research shows that 80 percent of pet owners believe it’s important that dogs wear personal identification tags, but only one in three pet owners say their pets always wear them. Did you know that only 15 to 20% of lost dogs return home?

Read more:  The Importance of Pet ID Tags[/box]

The Way I Express Myself

We’re starting a new section in this website dedicated to Boxer Art. Here we’ll show you various Boxer artistic creations, like paintings, photography, sculptures and much more.

Today, we interview Caras Ionut, a Romanian photographer, that loves to do photo manipulation with Photoshop.

Face to face

Face to face

Music can drive you crazy

Music can drive you crazy

BFC: Tell us a little about you…

Caras Ionut: Hello Everybody! My name is Caras Ionut, I’m 35 years old and I live in Iasi, Romania, with my beautiful wife and our little 2 year old angel, Ioana.

BFC: When and why did you become a photographer?

Caras Ionut: I think I began shooting when I was 10 years old with an analog camera, but I only took it seriously around 5 years ago.

BFC: Tell us a little about your work…

Caras Ionut: I love what I do. I love capture and share beautiful images with as many people as possible. I don’t have a special theme, I like to shoot everything that ends up with a very strong story and a powerful concept. The final work also depends on my mood, the material I’m using. I like mostly colorful work and soft toned which creates a special mood!

BFC: What’s “behind” the creation of a photo?

Caras Ionut: I just love to play with Photoshop. I like to create imaginary worlds, places and things. I like to be creative!

BFC: You use a lot of animals in your photos, including boxer dogs (and other breeds as well)….

Caras Ionut: Yes, I have been using also other animals in my work, like dears, elephants, birds, fishes and a few more. Sometimes, I go to the zoo and I photograph all animals I find there 🙂

BFC: Do you own any pet? A dog? A boxer?

Caras Ionut: I love animals, but I don’t have any pet currently. When I was younger, I had some fish and small birds.

BFC: What’s the name of the Boxer that is featured in your photos?

Caras Ionut: Her name is Maya. She’s a friend’s pet.

BFC: Can people buy these photos?

Caras Ionut: Yes, all my work is for sale, in 4 different format, on my website.

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Visit Caras Ionut’s website: //

Follow him on Facebook: //


Other Photoshop creations:

Happy valentines

Happy valentines




Boxer Warns 3-year-old of Dangerous Snake

Koda, a brindle Boxer from Henry Country, GA, is our most recent hero!

Last week while playing with his 3-years-old owner, Kade Boyd, Koda started to become very aggressive.

“The dog starts barking really loud, growling. As I come out, Kade says, ‘Mommy, the dog is being so mean, he won’t let me play on my bike.’ I look and the dog is getting in front, growling at Kade, running him off when he tries to get on the bike. So I go over and look and there’s a copperhead curled up by the tire,” said Lakin Boy, Kade’s mother.

Luckily and thanks to Koda, Kade’s mom could kill the snake before it did any harm despite the fact that it was just a few feet away from the young child.

There’s definitely a special bond between Koda and Kade. When the Boxer found the digressive snake his protective instincts kicked in.

“I was grateful after it was all over for the dog being there and seeing it all,” Boyd said. “They’re definitely bonded even if Kade falls down in the driveway and the dog’s in the fence, he’ll cry and claw to try to get out.”

“They’re best friends — that’s what Kade says. He’s his best dog friend,” said Lakin Boyd.

Kade’s mom says Koda is usually not aggressive, so she knew right away the behavior was not normal.

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Saving Her Sister’s Life

[box style=’info’]Story sent by Jennifer Cofield[/box]

When my daughter was about 16 months old, she slept in a toddler bed in the same room as my husband and I. Our boxer Dixie, slept at the foot of her bed every night.

One night, we had all gone to bed and everything was fine. At a little after midnight, Dixie came to my side of the bed and started nudging and licking my arm. I groggily sat up to see what she was doing and as I did, I heard a noise. “Thump, thump, thump.” I told my husband to turn the light on and when he did I was terrified at what I saw. My daughter was having a seizure and the noise I heard was her hitting her head on the headboard of the bed. She was not breathing and had already turned blue around her mouth.

We rushed her to the hospital and eventually she was fine, but I shudder to think what would have happened, had Dixie not come to me and made me wake up.

I loved that dog with all of my heart and I believe she loved us the same. We had to have her put down in October of 2011 and I still miss her terribly. I hope she is running and playing and having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge!

She Will Never Replace Arthur But Has Made Things A Little Easier

[box style=’info’]Story sent by Linda Morin from Wisconsin[/box]

Who ever said when you lose a dog after 10 years to just get over it sure don’t know how it really feels. Or they say just go get another like a replaceable piece of furniture are so very wrong.



My new little dog came running hearing me cry, licked me all over my face and wouldn’t leave my side until I stopped crying. I cannot afford another stone and the receipt has no phone number to call them. The website has no phone number either. So people beware what and where you are ordering things from.

[box style=’new’]Update: Linda sent them an e-mail and they are funding her $$ and said she doesn’t even have to return it. When her cancer treatments are over and husband back to work she’s going to try to save for a decent stone for Arthur.[/box]

I am so deeply sad and depressed, and my heart is coming out of my chest. Lost here in Wisconsin with a broken heart.

My Heart Sank And I Felt Sick To My Stomach

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Ashley Natelborg from Hammond, Indiana[/box]

This is Daisy Mae. Three years ago my husband and I left to go to dinner and as we were out we got stuck in the worst thunderstorm of the year. Wind advisories, tornado warnings, hail, you name it! But it moved on as fast as it moved in, so we slowly made our way home.

As we pulled into the driveway I noticed my other dog Duke walking on the back porch.  Wait, what? Then I noticed the back door was OPEN!!  Apparently the lock wasn’t caught as well as it should’ve been and the wind blew the door open and the dogs got out of the doggy door!!

I wasn’t too panicked until we couldn’t find Daisy. I thought for certain she was in the tub, her go-to during storms. She is TERRIFIED of thunder and wind…  But she wasn’t there! My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach. She jumped the railing on the deck. I went up and down the street SCREAMING her name like a crazy person. Mind you I was about 7 months pregnant and extremely emotional. I went knocking door to door SOBBING while my husband scoured the back of our house along the railway line. After what seemed like an hour (which was probably ten minutes) my husband came up front to comfort his (semi-embarrassing) wife, reality struck him as well. He started getting choked up and also walking the street calling her name. She is absolutely in love with him and when she saw him Daisy came running out from under a neighbors bush. Trembling, soaked, filthy and traumatized. It was one of the most amazing feelings of relief I have ever experienced!!

We still think to ourselves – What if she ran away that day? How would we deal with it, even today, knowing we don’t have our Daisy!  Where would she be? Did someone take her in? Was she at a shelter?

I just can’t bear the thought of never finding her. I thank God all the time that we got her back!!

[box style=’warning’]Is your dog wearing a collar and tags?

Research shows that 80 percent of pet owners believe it’s important that dogs wear personal identification tags, but only one in three pet owners say their pets always wear them. Did you know that only 15 to 20% of lost dogs return home?

Read more:  The Importance of Pet ID Tags[/box]

Rested Her Head On My Shoulders While I Cried

[box style=’info’]Story sent by Tiffany Ritchie from Leesville, Louisiana[/box]



One day, I was sitting at the kitchen table, filing my unemployment claim for the week. Bell and Isis were in the living room laying on the couch half asleep. Overwhelming emotion hit me and I broke down and cried. Isis heard me cry and got off of the couch, came over to me at the kitchen table, stood on her back legs to where her front paws fell over my shoulders and rested her head on my shoulder while I cried. She then began licking my tears. I was so shocked, yet comforted by the sincere concern in her eyes that I just hugged her back. Isis and I held each other for over two minutes until I stopped crying.

I have always known that dogs feel love. On this day, I have never felt so much love from my wonderful boxer Isis. I hope that she feels how much I love her everyday, the way that I know she loves me!

Harley. The Love Of My Life!

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Rebecca Rossiter from Boston, Massachusetts[/box]

I was living in North Carolina while going to college when I got my first boxer – Harley. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

He was just a little pup when this happened. It was dark outside and pouring rain… I brought him out to pee and he wiggled out of his collar and took off!!

Me, being a lazy college student, was in shorts and a tank with no shoes… um… and no bra! I took off after him but it was so dark I couldn’t see. I called for him, walked the entire neighborhood and could not find him anywhere. I was soaking wet and balling my eyes out. I didn’t know what to do so I started walking back to my house.

Neighbors down the street were having their annual “red carpet” party for the Grammy’s or some award show… tons of people going in and out of the house, decked out in ball gowns and suits, and they even had a “red carpet” rolled out to the street. The next guests were entering the house and I could have sworn I heard Harley bark.

I ran over to the house (remember… soaking wet, no bra, still crying… aka… a hot mess)… knock on their door… and ask if they have my dog. I look inside and there is Harley… in the middle of this party, rolling around playing… while I look like a lunatic in front of everyone. That was the last time I brought him out with no shoes or bra on… and I definitely paid more attention to his collar after that!!!

[box style=’warning’]Is your dog wearing a collar and tags?

Research shows that 80 percent of pet owners believe it’s important that dogs wear personal identification tags, but only one in three pet owners say their pets always wear them.

Read more:  The Importance of Pet ID Tags[/box]

He Is More Human Than Most Humans

Did you that there more than 300k U.S. veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder?

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be dreadful. They may mess up your all life and make it very difficult to advance with your daily routine. It may be tough just to get through the day.

Luckily, there are strong evidences that dogs can help individuals with PTSD. Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. Dogs are vigilant.
  2. Dogs are protective.
  3. Dogs respond well to authoritative relationships.
  4. Dogs love unconditionally.
  5. Dogs help relearn trust.
  6. Dogs help to remember feelings of love

The dogs attract even the most isolated personality, and having to praise the animals helps traumatized veterans overcome emotional numbness. Teaching the dogs service commands develops a patient’s ability to communicate, to be assertive but not aggressive, a distinction some struggle with. The dogs can as well soothe the hypervigilance common in veterans with PTSD.
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Here’s what Tim Wixon (our Facebook Fan) has to say about how Klaus, his Boxer, is helping him:

“Hello I am a retired soldier of 23 yrs. I have saw a lot of bad things during my time in the Army. I suffer from a TBI and PTSD. My boy Klaus never fails to make me laugh. He is my best best friend. He continues to sense how I am feeling and comes by to put a paw in my lap. I think he is more human than most humans. He likes to sit in anything high from window ledges to kitchen chairs. He is just on phenomenal boy. Thanks for having an open ear.”

[/box] Researchers are gathering evidence that bonding with dogs has biological effects, such as elevated levels of the hormone oxytocin. “Oxytocin improves trust, the ability to interpret facial expressions, the overcoming of paranoia and other pro-social effects—the opposite of PTSD symptoms,” says Meg Daley Olmert of Baltimore, who works for a program called Warrior Canine Connection.

She Came Into My Life At The Right Moment!

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Paul Veloso.[/box]

I truly believe my boxer Sadie was a God sent… She came into my life at the right time!

Back in October of 1994, my parents’ Siamese cats had a litter. I immediately fell in love with one particular female, and every time I came to visit, she was the first one I wanted to see!

A month and 2 days after the birth of the litter, was my birthday. My mom and dad offered to buy a battery for my junky old car ( I was only 21 and starting out my life on my own), and to do some maintenance on it. When my dad and I were done working on the car, my mom was walking down the stairs with a gift bag and told me they had one more gift for me. I realized what it was when I saw the bag moving. When I saw that little Siamese head poking out of the bag, I was overjoyed. I named her Sasha.

Sasha has been my companion through life since then; through many moves, through my marriage, the birth of my children, etc. She has been so precious to me!

Fast forward to 2011, my wife comes to me and tells me a friend from work has a dog in need – a boxer. Her friend’s father owns some rental properties and was about to evict some tenants who hadn’t been paying. The tenants decided to pack up and leave before the eviction, and when the owner found out they were gone, he decided to go by the property to clean up and repair for the next tenants. As he went into the backyard, he found this helpless boxer just laying in the dirt. She was filthy and so, so skinny.

Sadie... My Boxer, sent by God!

Sadie… My Boxer, sent by God!

In January of 2012, 3 months after Sadie came into my life, my dear Sasha passed away. I was holding her in my arms on my recliner, when she gave her last breath. I was devastated beyond belief. It was a very difficult time for me, but with Sadie here, I was able to get through it. If Sadie had not been in my life, to walk with me, to keep me busy, to cuddle with me, I’m not sure how well I would’ve handled Sasha’s passing. As it is, it was very difficult to lose my friend of almost 18 years. Sadie was always by my side, as if she knew and understood what I was feeling. She came into my life in October, the same month Sasha was born, just in enough time to allow me to grow this bond with her, a bond that would help relieve the pain of losing Sasha a little bit.

Sasha lived a good life, longer than the life expectancy of a Siamese cat, and I hope that I will have Sadie for a long time as well.

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