Never Say No

Boxers dogs like to have fun outdoors…

This Boxer doesn’t want to hear the word… NO!

Look at him in protest. 🙂

Does your dog act the same way?

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Funny & Cute

Layla is an adorable Boxer.

Her noises will certainly make you laugh!

Check out her adorable expression. 🙂


How adorable is this dog on a scale from 1-10?

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Boxers & Tangerine

Boxers are curious dogs.

Archie and Alfie are dying to try a tangerine…

Alfie even shows you how to peel it!


What is your dog’s favorite fruit?

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Got It!

Boxers are smart dogs…

This dog doesn’t need help. 🙂

He knows exactly how to get his stick inside the house!

Is your dog this smart?

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Boxer & Baby Brother

Astrid the Boxer has a new baby brother…

She became a big sister to this little boy. 🙂

Boxers are the sweetest breed ever!

Does your dog like little babies?

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