Nonverbal Boy & Deaf Boxer Dog

This little boy and his Boxer are having the time of their lives!

Connor Guillet is a nonverbal little boy, but he knows sign language. His mom met Ellie the Boxer, who is deaf and understands sign language.

Check out this amazing history.

Does your Boxer have a little brother or sister?

The Dog That Ate Christmas

This Boxer dog doesn’t like Xmas.

One day, he decided to downsize his owner’s collection of Christmas Tree Ornaments…

Those eyes… You just can’t stay mad at those eyes!

Does your dog like Christmas?

Watch & Smile:

Ignored By Cats

Mittens the black cat really wants to play with Lola the Boxer…

But it seems she is not the mood… Until Brutus Maximus the other cat of the house shows up and starts to play.

Check out Lola’s reaction! 🙂

How would your Boxer react?

Watch & Smile:

It’s Boxer Time!

Here are some funny Boxer dogs just to brighten up your day.

These Boxers are trying to eat a moth, loving the hair dryer, going crazy over a feather… these are just a few boxer dogs you’ll find in this funny compilation.


Is your Boxer this silly?

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