My Boxer is…

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We asked our Facebook fans to complete the phrase “My Boxer is…

Here are the top comments we’ve received:

…a 75 pound lap dog! ~ Krista Bethke

…spoiled rotten and has me well trained…… ~ Patti Stitch Marcoux

…better company than most humans I know! ~ Kristy Walendowski

…the clown of the dog world. I’ve never had this many smiles from owning a dog until I got a boxer. ~ Gerald Fuller

…irreplaceable. ~ Heather Angus

…a human in his eyes. ~ Jude Barrilleaux

…nasty shitty diaper eater! ~ Erin Beth Wiggle

…better than yours. ~ Gillian Wood

…obnoxious, crazy, hyper, rotten,not aware of his size, spoiled, my furbaby. I love my big lapdog. ~Lisa Wilson

…waiting for me at a rescue. (Soon my new best friend, soon) ~ Mathew Wohlscheid

…FAMILY:-) ~ Ellen Brosnan

…the son I never had. I have 3 Lil girls and a wife. ~ Mario Serrano

…mommy’s baby and best friend. ~ Maria Pineda

…a hot mess!! ~ Kim Davis Morrow

…a pain in my ass! ~ Heather Chadwick

…my Soul ~ Sherry Shivley

…who keeps me getting up every morning; and makes me laugh every day ~ Sherri E. Williams

…a dork! ~ Dana Valentine-Hall

…smarter than most people I know… ~ Emmett McKellar

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