Make Your Dog Get Along With Other Dogs in 5 Steps

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Is your dog wonderful with children, but, terrible with other dogs? Are there times when your dog appears to have a split personality? Do you want to know how to keep your dog as sweet-tempered with other dogs in the same manner he/she is with people. Maybe some simple steps and tips may help you.

1. Remain calm, training requires time and patience.

2. Be consistent, commands need to be short, consistent and rewarded. Rewards may come by means of praise or simply a good rub behind the ears.

3. Introduce your dog to other dogs in a restricted area, (not let loose to run at a dog park). Exercise the dog without over stimulation.

4. Whenever dealing with any animal you can only train that animal. Dogs are very trainable, however you as the alpha dog in the relationship actually need to have the buy in first. Keep in mind forcing a dog, like forcing a person… just breeds bitterness.

5. Read as much as you can about becoming a good dog owner.

If trained well Boxers get along with all kind of animals and make unusual friendships… Take a look at this cute video:


  • Occasionally when a dog is really aggressive towards other dogs, it indicates that it was attacked as a puppy, and has developed a phobia to its own kind.
  • In case your dog spots another dog, and the hair on its back begins to raise, it indicates that it is scared.
  • Make sure that your dog and the other dog don’t make eye contact. That is when they are going to begin to get hostile towards one another.
  • Have little “doggy treats” on your person, to dissuade your dog from any attention to any other dog which may come its way.


  • Take great care that your dog doesn’t bite another dog when it comes near to your dog!
  • In case your dog gets in a violent fight with another dog, do not attempt to break it up. You may end up getting hurt.