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Living With Multiple Sclerosis With The Help Of Tank

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Our boxer Tank will be five years old this May, we rescued him off of Craigslist when he was nine months old. The family that had him had no time for a dog and he was spending up to ten hours a day at home alone in a crate. For a $100 “re-homing fee” we received Tank, his large crate, his bed, his toys and his food bowls. Basically this beautiful neutered and micro chipped boxer was free.

We knew right from the start Tank was an exceptional guy, but when looking through his paperwork a couple weeks after we got him I discovered that Tank and I share a birthday, May 17th and I knew for sure he was meant to be ours. Shortly before we got Tank I had to quit my job, 14 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I simply could no longer work. With my husband and daughter gone all day without Tank I think I would have sunk into a very deep depression. When I am having rough MS days Tank is right there with me and won’t leave my side, when I fall he is right there to stand over me and make sure I am okay, when I am having balance issues he is there to prop me up. He is so good that I had him trained and certified to be my service dog, I don’t make him work much but when he has that vest on he is all business.

I have had boxers before and I love the breed but Tank truly is a once in a lifetime dog. Needless to say, Tank never spends a minute in a crate anymore and I always say that he rescued me I didn’t rescue him! Living with Multiple Sclerosis is challenging and sometimes very rough but I have a wonderful family who supports me and a fur kid who helps me through it everyday. He is truly a part of our family and loves each of us in just they way we need, Tank is amazing and truly a blessing for all of us.

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