It Was Love At First Sight!

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Carlos Cobos from Madrid, Spain[/box]

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This is brief story of my friend Nico.

Like many other people in my country, Spain, the financial crisis meant a tough period for me. I was managing a newspaper, and after 2 years of suffering lack of cash even for paying salaries, the shareholders asked me to dismiss all the employers (40), and close the newspaper. As a result of that I was so sad, and mentally broken.

I have been always a boxer lover, and my first boxer have left us one year prior to that moment, so being at home I decided it was the right time to get a new puppy to my life. I search in boxer breeders near my town for a available puppy, and in one of the trips I found Nico. It was love at first sight!

Nico and his "brother" Hugo

Nico and his “brother” Hugo

He was so full of happiness that I loved it… Over the 5 months I was unemployed Nico filled my life with joy and fun.

We kept 24 hours together, and when I sat down in front of my computer for job opportunities, he always tried to sit above me!

After 4 years, every time I run my computer, he still tries to sit down like if he was a puppy !

Now I have 2 boxers at home, but that period that we spent together is unforgettable for both of us, our relationship is really special, and nothing will make this change…

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