I Will Always Love and Miss Him

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I live in a very small town in S.E. Missouri, and have 2 boxers.

A few years ago we had the worst ice storm in 100 yrs, we lost power and water for almost 3 weeks. A friend’s daughter came to tell me that there was a boxer that had been picked up by the city, she actually thought maybe one of mine had gotten loose. We drove over in her 4 wheel drive, so that I could see it. It was the most heartbreaking thing I had ever seen, the poor dog was shivering in our towns so-called kennel, where they keep the strays in until sent to the Semo Humane Society, usually within a few days.

Our town had a lot going on due to this storm, but this poor emaciated dog was sitting in this cage, on a slab of ice, with no food, water or even hay to make it comfortable at least. I called the city and asked them if I could please take the dog home as a foster, either until he was sent to Semo, or his owners were located, and was told no, that the dog was aggressive when they caught it. I told them, I had already seen the dog, and it was NOT aggressive, I also told them someone had better get over there and do something about the conditions the dog was in, and I was assured that the matter would be handled, and that he would be going to Semo in a couple of days.

I am not gonna lie, I had my hands very full taking care of my elderly parents during this severe ice storm, and taking care of my own two boxers, so I assumed he was in Semo. Some weeks went by, when I was informed that this poor dog was STILL in the city’s cages, so I called the city and they confirmed that this poor baby was still there due to the storm Semo couldn’t take in any more animals, but they did not want me to go to the cages to see him.

The city worker told me to call our towns Marshall, who told me he had nothing to do with the situation, but that I could leave our Mayor a message. So instead I called the mayor and finally got permission to go see this boxer again. So I rushed over to the cages and what I saw made me furious. He was so sick and malnourished that he could barely even stand.

The city worker had escorted me to see the dog, told me they had been feeding him regularly but he wouldn’t gain weight. I called the mayor right then and told him I wanted this dog RIGHT NOW !!! That he was dying, and that I would call the local news, humane society, PETA… whoever I could call that would help if he didn’t release him to me. I FINALLY got this poor baby out of there !!!

I had to carry this dog because he was so weak. We got home, and this poor baby was so full of worms that he was literally starving to death. I called and got him into the vet the very next day, he was heartworm positive, along with having a severe worm infestation. After taking him actually to two vets, one of them, a farm vet, felt sorry for us, and gave me a 3 month supply of medications that would help “Chance”, as he was named, to prepare for heartworm treatment for just $50.00. Poor Chance was still very sick due to the heartworms, one night I thought he was dying, so I placed him in my bed, and just held him, I just wanted him to know that if he died there in my arms, that someone cared about him. We had many scary days and nights of this.



Chance was doing better and better, but I could not afford the heartworm treatments. I contacted numerous rescue orgs, but was always told they didn’t take dogs from personnel people, only shelters etc… finally found a group in Kentucky, I drove the hour over to meet them and release Chance into their care, I cried all the way home…. and even almost turned around to go back and get him, I had fallen in love with him. But I knew he was better off, because he would finally get the treatment he needed so bad. I received a call eventually, and he had made it through treatment and was adopted to a retired military family. I hope Chance will have many happy, healthy years, but I will always love and miss him. And by the way, little bottle fed Hope made it too, and to this day thinks I’m her momma, LOL.

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