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I Found Him in an Online Ad And Fell in Love

[box style=’info’]Story sent by Jo Anna Going[/box]

This is choco. I found him in an online ad and fell in love. We already had a girl boxer but I was convinced she needed a friend! So we loaded up in the car and went to meet him!

When we got there the people who ran the rescue told us his original owner had gone to prison for drugs. Choco looked pretty rough when the rescue got him he was thin and pooping and throwing up blood. But they had been nursing him back to health. We were told when he was a puppy he had been hit by a truck so his one eye is kinda off and his nose is crooked but it didn’t matter to me at all. ¬†Also he had been in a fight with another dog at the rescue and decided to investigate a bee hive so he was covered in bee stings and scabs. We brought him home that day without a second thought.

choco and jemma

Choco and Jemma

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