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I Fell in Love With Faith Right Away

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I had to have my first Boxer put down about 8 years ago. I wasn’t in the mood to get another for a few years.

I started looking on petfinder 5 ½ years ago. I found a couple nice male Boxers on there that were being rescued by a local general dog rescue group. I was living with my dad at the time and would take his dog along to make sure the two would get along okay. My dad’s dog would become aggressive towards the first couple Boxers I went to see. I later found a female Boxer rescued by a Boxer rescue group a few miles south of us. We went to see her, they had brought Faith and another male Boxer with them, but brought Faith out first. Either my dad’s dog decided a female dog was okay or just gave up the fight against another dog. By the way, my dad’s dog was a small Skye Terrier.

I fell in love with Faith right away. She was a real sweetheart. Boxers R Us had gotten her out of a dog pound. Someone had dumped her off. The rescue group had to have a couple cancerous cysts removed from her. She has been in good health since. She did have a couple of her nipples hanging down so she may had recently had a litter. I am not sure.
I have had her for almost 5 ½ years now but she still seems scared I am going to leave her permanently. She hates it when I take her to PetSmart for a bath. She struggles with them to leave my side when I drop her off. If I take her to a park to run she never runs far from my side. If we are on a walk and she sees a squirrel she needs to run after and I begin to walk away, she immediately will run back to me.


She was 2½-3½ when adopted, according to the rescue group. I made her birthday the day I rescued her and went with 3 years old. She is now over 8 years old and in good health. She is in better health than my previous Boxer was at the same age. Also in better health than the Boxer my dad had previous to his Skye terrier and the Boxer my brother had before he passed away.