How Much Exercise Do Boxer Dogs Need?

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Something to understand about the Boxer breed is that they possess never-ending vitality!

The type of energy that could power a household if you could develop the manner to connect their energy level to a generator!

Boxer are excellent athletes… Shawn McGovern and Blake “The BMXing” Boxer race the 2012 USA BMX Grand national track for an exhibition race. Of course Blake took the win. Watch the video:

Always be responsible whenever exercising your Boxer. Be aware that these dogs usually do not do well in severe weather conditions – the mid-day heat of the afternoon is not really the best suited walking time for your Boxer who has a short muzzle and equally, intense cold is likewise not good for the short-haired Boxer. Pick out your time smartly when you walk. Ensure you bring some water for your friend. Too often people will take water for themselves and don’t think that their four-legged friend wearing a fur jacket would likewise like some water in the course of their walk. Attempt to aim for a good 45-60 mins per day walk with your Boxer – two times a day is actually better. This is a excellent time to bond with your dog. Proper care should as well be taken not to over-exercise young dogs, as this might harm growing bones.

Intense exercise or activities must not be done right before or after he eats. Boxers are vulnerable to bloat, which can kill.

There is a right way and a wrong way to walk your dog. Retain your dog next to you or a bit behind you when walking. A dog stretched out on a 10-foot retractable leash is not really how you would like to walk your dog since at that point, it is your dog walking you! Keep in mind, you are the “pack leader.”

Boxers have fun with, and do well in canine sports like agility, frisbee, and tracking thus do not forget to challenge your dog in other exercise arenas.

Most importantly, take into account that exercise is essential to the wellbeing of you and your Boxer!

source: Atlanta Boxer Rescue

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