How Are Boxers With Kids?

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You may observe that your Boxer is excellent with your kids, your friends and neighbors and your small doggie.

Regardless of it’s tough body and face, Boxers are not aggressive dogs, however like almost all dogs require suitable socialization. These dogs likewise do better if they do have a pal, either a very attentive human or another Boxer or different kind of dog. This dog is as well quite connected to its family, and consequently makes an outstanding guard dog.

Here’s an adorable Video of a Boxer, Maximus, protecting a baby as she goes down the stairs so she doesn’t fall:

The vast majority of issues between children and dogs include children under the age of 6 years and large, high energy or guard dog breeds, according to veterinarians Race Foster and Marty Smith. While the boxer is recognized for how it gets along perfectly with children, it’s a high energy guard dog breed, thus the potential for problems does exist.

Boxers range in size from 53 to 70 lbs. They are lively and really like to jump and dance on their back feet, therefore they can effortlessly knock over a small child. Young boxers are more boisterous than older dogs, so a young boxer might not be the best match up for very young children. As kids get older, they get to know dogs have distinctive thoughts and feelings and are better capable to socialize with them properly. In addition, the boxer’s high level of intelligence lends itself to learning exactly how to interact with children.

“Generally they are great with kids, just like labs. Of course, a boxer PUPPY will be a bit more hyper, and will need to be taught the right and wrong way to interact with children, but beyond that, they’re wonderful. Both my boxers are amazing with kids — gentle, loving, and EXTREMELY tolerant 😉 My younger girl (1.5 yrs) actually has never been around kids until a few months ago when a friend of mine brought her daughter over, also 1.5 yrs. I was SO proud (and a little amazed, I’ll admit) at how gentle she was, never jumping or playing rough with the child, just followed her around the yard sniffing her face =) It was too cute.” ~ Ann

“Boxers are wonderful family dogs. the only thing you will need to consider is the size and energy of the dog and the size of your children. The dog will love and protect the kids, but a boxer is also known to run into things – furniture, people, etc. They are extremely energetic dogs, and could easily knock the kids over. As long as the kids and dog are not left unsupervised in a room, they will grow up to be life long friends.” ~ Sue

“On the whole, boxers are very good with children. Make sure you always supervise, and train your dog to be well-behaved. But on the whole, boxers are patient and not inclined to attack children or be aggressive.” ~ F. Rose