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Hero Firefighters Bring Female Boxer Dog Back to Life

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Amazing video shows the moment a Boxer found trapped inside a burning building was brought back to life.

Hero firefighters refused to throw in the towel on female boxer Stella right after finding her inactive body behind a mattress in the charred remains of a Santa Monica, Calif., apartment.

They strapped an oxygen mask around her face and gently massaged her body till she opened her eyes about 15 minutes later. With color returning to her face, she was taken to a local animal hospital to recover.

Capt. Jeff Furrows, of the Santa Monica Fire Department, told that the firefighters found the pup on Saturday morning as they searched for victims of the blaze that swept through the five-story block.

“If you walked in there and looked at it the first time through you wouldn’t see it,” he added, saying it appeared that she was “trying to get away.”

Crowds gathered to watch the drama unfold, with one boy saying that “everybody got excited. It’s a dog, man’s best friend.”

No other injuries were reported, and the homeowner was reportedly not at home at the time of fire.

source: NY Daily News

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