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Helping Their Onwers – 4 Short Stories

The Sweetest Dog Ever Created

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Bently’s First Year of Life

“My son was born at 33 weeks and developed an intestinal disease which after 2 operations and months in the hospital he finally came home. While I was at home on maternity leave with no baby at home and depressed all I had was my boxer Max. Max is the sweetest dog ever created, he knew there was something wrong with his mom and wouldn’t leave my side. He stayed with me no matter where I went. He was my rock through the process and continues to be an awesome support and loves his baby brother!!” ~ Jessica Bracco

The Most Amazing Loving Baby Girls

“We have 2 female boxers Italia and Capri. They are the most amazing loving baby girls, they have helped my mother and I get through a very tragic loss… My brother passed away in January of this year. They both knew he was sick and something was wrong, he suffered from bipolar disorder /Paranoid schizophrenic, and they even helped him, would never leave his side, and when that day came and he left us, our 2 girls never left our sides. Unconditionally, they brighten our darkest days, with love & licks, so we are truly grateful for these furry angels the walk right by our sides here on earth.” ~ Tara

I Fell in Love With This Little Puppy Very Fast

“My boxer, Sugar Rae helped me pull through a very rough time in my life. I was recently separated and not enjoying the single life, when my only dog, a Dalmatian passed. She was 13 yrs old and the love of my life. After her passing, I felt so alone and had anxiety. I spent the first night alone outside sitting by her grave.  Two days of nothing but crying and my best friend and her husband bought me a 8 week old boxer. She filled the hole and I fell in love with this little puppy very fast. Sugar is now 3 and means the world to me.” ~ Kim Ballard

They Have Brought Us So Much Joy

“In 2007 my mother in law had another stroke. While she was in the hospital our boxer Trubby had her puppies. Only three were born and two survived. Mom had been away from home for over a month in rehab. We took many pictures to show her how the puppies were doing. We tried to cheerful her up but she seemed more down than ever. This time the stroke affected more of her brain and we noticed she struggled to comprehend who’s puppies these were. I didn’t want to sell them but my husband thought we couldn’t afford to divide our responsibility between them and her. She finally came home and I was so attached, trying so hard to fall in love. I was so hurt and upset and torn. Mom just isolated in her room for days.
One morning we were watching the news and suddenly we heard something we hadn’t heard in months. Mom was LAUGHING OUT LOUD! We got up to investigate and we saw her trying to negotiate down the hall with a puppy on each pajama leg! My husband was so relieved to hear his mom’s laugh that he gave in and we kept both puppies!! Halle Berry and Magic have brought us so much joy. Magic recently passed away and we miss him dearly. We have his son Cowboy with us and that sure has helped ease the heartache of loss. Halle Berry still stays close to mom. Thank you for letting me share our story.” ~ Christina Gray


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