Have Fun in the Water!

Some Boxers love water… but others just hate it. But if you toss him into the water on his very first visit to the beach you surely ensure that your Boxer will despise the water forever. You really must let the dog to come to be acquainted to the water slowly, and most probably you’ll find yourself with an outstanding swimmer on your hands.

Does you Boxer love water? Watch this awesome video of boxer that swims under water, holds his breath and dives to the bottom of the pool!

It’s advisable to take a puppy who hasn’t been introduced to the water right down to the beach on a calm day when the sea is flat. The sound and threatening look of massive crashing waves can be very scary to a puppy. A good idea is to bring along an older dog who likes water. This gives the dog confidence that he will enjoy the water.

But when your Boxer decides to be a water sports fanatic, make sure the dog doesn’t end up completely worn out. A few dogs will get sticks or balls out of the water provided that is somebody around to toss for them. However, you don’t want your dog to be exhausted and not able to swim back to shore!

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