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Grace and Justin… A Second Chance for Both!

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Justin G. from Cincinnati, Ohio.[/box]

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A few years back I was climbing out of a hole of depression, caused by my close best friend and I parting ways after six years of a strong friendship.

I was lost and didn’t know where to turn. I had a dog before and he lived a great long life but had to be put down a few years prior due to old age and sickness. Not long after we put him down happened I started asking if I could get a boxer because I fell in love with the two my Mom had for about 5 yrs. But my Dad and Step Mom where against it since I was in college and it was not fair for them to take care of my dog as I was gone.

Once I came home from college and got adjusted to living at home again, the asking started if I could get a boxer. After wearing my parents down the search began. Like most when wanting a dog start looking for a puppy, but with boxers they are not cheap. I figured adoption was best. My search continued, all while trying to figure out if I wanted a male or female, fawn, brindle, or a solid. I was looking on line at local SPCA, and found one that I wanted. He was a boxer pointer mix and looked like a great dog. Two days later I called and he was adopted. Thought to my self “it wasn’t meant to be” and kept looking. I then came across a beautiful 4 month old female fawn located at a dog shelter about an hour away. I called she was still available, the only problem was she was an hour away and it was close to closing. I quickly called my mom who told me call them and let them know we were on our way and not to close till we get the chance to look at her. We arrive and I am like a little kid waiting for Santa to come. Really excited, talking fast, and just smiles. I go into the office and tell them who I was and that I had called about “Nikki”. One of the women take my mom and I to the puppy shelter and two pins in there was “Nikki” laying sweet and sound. I instantly fell in love.

At first glance I saw that she was really skinny, looked sickly, didn’t have much energy, and was really sleepy. The women then told me, their was something wrong with her but she didn’t know what and taking precaution gave her two of three treatments of heart worm meds. We went to the office me holding “Nikki” in arms. There they told me they had another female boxer that was 2yrs old. I went and looked at her but did not have the attachment as I did “Nikki”. After filling out the paper work getting her chipped and paying, Mom, “Nikki”, and I set for home. Before leaving the parking lot my mom says to me “I don’t know she looks awful sick” to that I replied “Yeah, but I have to give her a chance she is not going to last long if she stays here” and home we headed “Nikki” curled up on my lap sleeping the whole way.

Knowing that something was wrong and that she needed to see a vet, we took her the next day. At the vet they did the normal check up stuff and the whole time I was telling them the information I was told from the shelter. After doing a stool test it came back positive she had Parvo. Not knowing what it was the vet explained it to me and the whole time was positive of what the results could be. It turns out fate was on my side and I got “Nikki” to the vet just in time. She only spent 2 1/2 days of being quarantined at the vets office, where they said I could come and visit anytime I want (I went the very next day after finding out what she had). The vet called every day to give us a report on her status, on the second day the vet opened the office to her barking standing her cage food all gone and happy as can be.

Over the 2 1/2 days she was gone I prayed for her to fight hard and to make it through. Because she did and “Nikki” was never a fitting name I renamed her Grace. She went from being a 17.1 lb under wight dog to a 65 lb loveable joyful dog who loves her second chance on life. At the end of it all Grace helped me get out of my hole of depression by having to focus on her and I help her by giving her a second chance on life.

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