Giving a Puppy As a Christmas Gift: 10 Steps

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Who wouldn’t love a puppy for Christmas? In case you have loved ones or a friend who desires a puppy, then it will certainly put a smile on their face. Here is how to give them the “perfect Christmas gift”.

1. Talk to the person regarding this gift and ensure they are ready to take good care of a dog. The last thing you want to do is put a puppy in a home that is not prepared to look after it. Just because a person wants a puppy does not mean they are ready to raise one. Keep in mind that a puppy will need to be housebroken, trained and exercised.

  • It may seem wonderful to give a puppy as a surprise, however except if you already know a person was planning to get a puppy, it may end up badly with the poor puppy getting returned to a store or shelter.
  • Ask the recipient a few major questions, such as how active of a dog they would like, whether they’re fine with grooming it on a regular basis, what they would do with the dog whenever people head to school, work, or on vacation.

2. Think about if you are adopting or buying from a pet store. It’s suggested you adopt, as it’s cheaper and will give an animal a caring home. Nevertheless, in case you have bought puppies before, then buying might be a more comfortable option. In either case, decide on what will make the recipient happy. Ask them, “do you like when people adopt dogs or buy?”.

Research the local animal shelters in your area, in case you want to adopt. It might be useful to visit these shelters occasionally, so you come to be more familiar with them.

3. Buy/adopt the puppy prior to Christmas. Acquiring a puppy right on Christmas Eve or a few days before the holidays will be too soon, and you may feel rushed and anxious. As an alternative, buying/adopting this dog in late November or early December might be a good idea, and it will restrict chaos and anxiety.

You do not want the dog to come to be too attached. Yes, you may pet it and talk to it, however it will not be yours for long.

4. Look after the dog till Christmas. Keep in mind, it’s temporarily your dog; for now. Once Christmas morning arrives, and you give the recipient the dog, it’s his/her responsibility. Give food to the dog, take it for walks, and show some love. Take it for veterinarian appointments to ensure it has no fleas or diseases. Don’t name the dog yet, since, bear in mind, soon it will be the recipient’s dog.

5. Maintain the dog a total secret. Don’t even drop tips or tell anybody, in case you want the receiver to be amazed.

6. To “make” the dog a Christmas present, you will need a big enough box with enough space. Make sure the puppy can fit in it.

It’s suggested you put a blanket in the box or put soft coverings.

7. Then, find a top for the box. It can be brown or whichever color you want, but ensure it isn’t see-through.

8. Poke holes on the top, to prevent suffocation. Or, you may poke holes in the sides of the box. In either case, the puppy needs to breathe.

9. Refrain from using wrapping paper; because this can restrict the amount of breathing from a puppy. As an alternative, use a red ribbon or bow-tie.

10. Bring it out and hand the box to the recipient, ask them to open it.

Here are 2 cute videos:

On Christmas morning, mommy and daddy surprise daughter with 7 week old Boxer puppy.

Shocked family with new puppy when on return from our Christmas vacation.