Finding a Reputable, Quality Breeder

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Patient and playful, yet with unmatched courage in protecting their loved ones against anything that could mean danger and threat.

These are the traits that make the Boxer one of the most lovable dog breeds not only in America but in other parts of the world as well.

The Boxer is included in the top 10 most popular dog breeds and has been on the list since the end of the World War II, where it served well as an efficient war dog.

Since it is a popular breed, a lot of people would love to have a Boxer as a family pet.

However, the problem today with breeders is that there are far more disreputable ones than those who are experienced and dedicated.

What Should You Look for in a Quality Breeder?

The following are what comprises an experienced and quality breeder:

1. An involved breeder

A quality breeder is not only concerned with profit; he or she should be involved with the whole breeding process. He or she takes the time to acquire adequate knowledge about the dog breed and proper care should be second nature to him or her.

2. Keeps a close eye on every puppy in every litter

A quality breeder should take the time to monitor each and every puppy from every litter. He or she takes time and effort to assess each puppy’s health, temperament, and conformation. This is an essential element to consider, especially during socialization.

3. Invests time and effort

It is not an easy job looking after dogs and their newborn litter of puppies, which is why quality breeders invest time and effort to ensure that the puppies get the right nutrition until they get adopted by their new families.

4. Wants the best homes for their puppies

Most reputable breeders do not just hand over the puppies to aspiring new owners; they make it a point to conduct interviews on potential buyers. These interviews do not only determine which puppy is appropriate for the new owner; it is done to make sure that the person buying is capable of raising and keeping a Boxer puppy as a pet.

The work of a quality breeder does not end when a puppy gets taken home by its new owner. He or she makes it a point to make a phone call to the new owner to ask how the puppy is doing. The breeder can also be relied on when new owners need to know something regarding the puppy’s diet, health, and nutrition.

Other Important Aspects

Still find it hard to find a reputable Boxer breeder? If the answers to the following questions are mostly “yes,” then you got yourself a quality Boxer breeder.

Is he or she…

…a member of a national or regional Boxer Club and / or All-Breed Club?
…involved with or does he or she support rescue operations for Boxers and for other pets as well?

Does he or she…

…freely discuss the dog’s health issues with you?
…invite you to come over to see the dogs?
…offer his contact information should you need to contact him or her for puppy-related concerns?
…participate in dog shows?
…provide early socialization for the puppies?
…provide regular check-ups for the dogs and can show proof that the dogs are healthy and disease-free?
…provide you a detailed and well-written contract?

Remember that although Boxers are generally healthy dogs, a puppy’s overall health starts with the breeder which is why it is essential to find a breeder who possesses the qualities, traits, and aspects mentioned above.

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