Exercising Your Puppy

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All dogs of all ages, including puppies, require exercise. Otherwise they are going to become overweight and have a lot of health issues. How to start? This article will tell you every thing you need to know about puppy exercise.

1. First of all, ensure your puppy’s collar is on before taking any walk. In case the puppy’s collar is not on, make sure you put his/her collar on him/her.

2. After your puppy’s collar is on, next put on his harness. Make certain the harness is put on the dog tightly, but as gentle as possible so you avoid choke your puppy.

3. After your puppy’s harness is on, connect a doggy leash to his collar or harness and then you should be all good and set to go!

4. Go outside and walk further down the street. You should walk for a minimum of 22 minutes, it gives both you and your puppy exercise. After 22 full minutes, turn back and head home.

5. When you are home, take your puppy inside and offer him a bone or a snack and a nice big bowl of water – your puppy may be hungry and thirsty after that long walk!

Here are some puppies, playing and doing some exercise in Puppy Bowl III 🙂


  • You ought to give your puppy a walk on a nice and sunny warm day, PLEASE DO NOT AND NEVER give your puppy a walk during the nighttime or during a thunderstorm – in particular if there is lightning. Just give your puppy walks on clear, warm, sunny days during the daytime.
  • Any time your puppy is too occupied sniffing or about to go in other peoples yards, it is crucial to pull them away, but no too hard that it will choke them.
  • Don’t ever let go of the leash. If you do, your puppy will run away. So please grip tightly on the leash, and do not ever let it go.

Things you will need

  • A puppy
  • Puppy collar
  • Puppy harness
  • Dog leash

Source: wikihow.com