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Chelsea Had Been a Part of My Life For 10 Years

[box style=’info’]Story sent by Jennifer Moutria from Lick Creek, IL[/box]

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It was a July evening several years ago when I lost my boxer Chelsea.

I had just given her a bath and so I had her collar and tags off. Chelsea was very afraid of thunderstorms, and of course one blew in. She somehow managed to get out of the fence. We looked for hours and hours with no luck. This went on for days. We asked neighbors and posted flyers but still nothing. My heart was broken. Chelsea had been a part of my life for 10 years.

A year later my father in law stopped by to see my daughter on his way home. He left my home on his way to his. He spotted a boxer that looked like Chelsea tied in a back yard. He knocked on the door and told the people that was his son and daughters boxer. (I probably should mention he was in his police uniform lol) They of course denied it. He left their house and called the town police dept.

He then came to my house to tell me what was going on. I gathered my daughter and all the pictures I had of Chelsea, and headed to the house. When we arrived they had brought Chelsea in the house and were talking to the cops. I showed the officer the photos and he then took the photos and compared them with Chelsea.

He told the people they needed to let the dog out and see if she would respond to me. They let her out and I called out her name. She came barreling toward me as fast as she could and knocked me down in in the middle of the street. The officer said I think we have the answers. I got Chelsea back that day.

I drove by that house everyday and never saw her. It turns out they rarely let her out during the day. I got to spend several more years with Chelsea before I lost her to cancer at the age of 15.

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