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She Will Never Replace Arthur But Has Made Things A Little Easier

[box style=’info’]Story sent by┬áLinda Morin from Wisconsin[/box] Who ever said when you lose a dog after 10 years to just get over it sure don’t know how it really feels. Or they say just go get another like a replaceable piece of furniture are so very wrong. My new little dog came running hearing me […]


My Heart Sank And I Felt Sick To My Stomach

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Ashley Natelborg from Hammond, Indiana[/box] This is Daisy Mae. Three years ago my husband and I left to go to dinner and as we were out we got stuck in the worst thunderstorm of the year. Wind advisories, tornado warnings, hail, you name it! But it moved on as […]


Rested Her Head On My Shoulders While I Cried

[box style=’info’]Story sent by Tiffany Ritchie from Leesville, Louisiana[/box] One day, I was sitting at the kitchen table, filing my unemployment claim for the week. Bell and Isis were in the living room laying on the couch half asleep. Overwhelming emotion hit me and I broke down and cried. Isis heard me cry and got […]


Harley. The Love Of My Life!

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Rebecca Rossiter from Boston, Massachusetts[/box] I was living in North Carolina while going to college when I got my first boxer – Harley. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! He was just a little pup when this happened. It was dark outside and pouring rain… I brought him out to […]


He Is More Human Than Most Humans

Did you that there more than 300k U.S. veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder? Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be dreadful. They may mess up your all life and make it very difficult to advance with your daily routine. It may be tough just […]


She Came Into My Life At The Right Moment!

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Paul Veloso.[/box] I truly believe my boxer Sadie was a God sent… She came into my life at the right time! Back in October of 1994, my parents’ Siamese cats had a litter. I immediately fell in love with one particular female, and every time I came to visit, […]


Grace and Justin… A Second Chance for Both!

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Justin G. from Cincinnati, Ohio.[/box] A few years back I was climbing out of a hole of depression, caused by my close best friend and I parting ways after six years of a strong friendship. I was lost and didn’t know where to turn. I had a dog before […]


Angel… A Boxer Sent By Heaven

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Kristie Harbin from Alabama.[/box] I went through a terrible divorce in April of 2009. I had two children and being unemployed I didn’t know how I was going to support them. As a result, they went and stayed with family during my hard financial time. I lost my house, […]


Living With Multiple Sclerosis With The Help Of Tank

[box style=’info’]This story was sent by Amanda Stillwagon[/box] Our boxer Tank will be five years old this May, we rescued him off of Craigslist when he was nine months old. The family that had him had no time for a dog and he was spending up to ten hours a day at home alone in […]

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