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If Only They Could Speak

This is the beautiful story of a Boxer puppy “Thanking” his owner from the day he found him until the day he died. If only our beloved friends could talk… This will bring you to tears! Watch and love your pup:


Surprised Her Boyfriend With a Puppy!

This is so heartwarming! This girl just gave her boyfriend the best Christmas gift ever… A Boxer puppy!! He even cried with happiness… He had lost his dog not too long ago. Watch and smile:


So God Made A Dog!

This wonderful video shows us why dogs are man’s best friend… Our dogs have no replacement, they are our companions for life! Watch and be happy. This video features Luke and Leia. Visit their youtube channel: //


Boxer With Big Tumor & Surgery

Meet Trooper! This sweet Boxer has a big tumor on his leg, and he was handed to Vet Ranch… We have to say we love their decision of not amputating his leg right away and tried to give him a chance of a normal life by cutting the tumor! (Graphic Video)


Facts & Funny Moments

We all know that Boxers are just amazing! But maybe there are some facts you’re not aware of! Watch and learn!


Tribute To Chloe

This video is a tribute to the beautiful Chloe. She will surely be missed! RIP Chloe.


Luke Having A Ride On The Beach

Most of our pups like to go on a car ride, even if it is just to have their heads out of the window. Luke is not an exception and here he goes… To the beach! Does your pup also put his head off the window? Courtesy of:


Boxer Team Work!

Here are some fine examples of what our beloved pups can do together!! It’s lovely to see these two working in pair… Does your pup have a tag team partner?


A Day In Brock’s Life

We all know the expression “Dog’s Life”… Here’s Brock to show us its meaning! Watch and be happy too:

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