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Boxers Are Like Potato Chips, You Can’t Have Just One

[box style=’info’]Story sent by Donna Bright from Gaston, SC[/box] So my husband tells me “Honey, we are going to look at a dog”. And that’s how it started…. I had a Boston Terrier for 15 years whom I loved dearly. After having health issues for many years, it came time to send him to doggie […]


What I Like Most Doing With my Boxer is…

We’ve asked our Facebook Fans to complete the phrase “what I like most doing with my Boxer is…”. Here are the top comments: …taking her to a nursing home because she is a Therapy Dog. ~ Lynn Winstead …everything. ~ Joyce Liby Jensen …talking to her… she cocks her head from side to side like […]


My Boxer is…

We asked our Facebook fans to complete the phrase “My Boxer is…” Here are the top comments we’ve received: …a 75 pound lap dog! ~ Krista Bethke …spoiled rotten and has me well trained…… ~ Patti Stitch Marcoux …better company than most humans I know! ~ Kristy Walendowski …the clown of the dog world. I’ve […]


Creating a Safe Environment for Your New Boxer

Boxers are an incredibly curious breed, which means that they will gladly explore their new home upon arrival. Although it is greatly encouraged for new owners to take their Boxer for a tour around the house, it’s also important to keep safety in mind. Remember that there are some areas of the house that might […]


Biggest Issues of Owning a Boxer

Once again we’ve surveyed our fans at our Facebook page and here’s what they answered when asked what the biggest issues of owning a boxing were: “Slobber.” – Christopher Brooks “Separation anxiety… They are such family dogs, they have to be your shadow.” – Heather Henderson Schneck A musical tribute to boxers behaving badly! Brought […]


Top Reasons To Own a Boxer

In our Facebook Fan Page we asked our fans (boxer owners…) to tell us the top reasons to own a boxer. Here’s what they said: “They love kids & are super protective of them.” – Crystal Jaworski “They make you smile and laugh every single day!!!!” – Ashlee Paige Hall “Loyal, kid friendly, trustworthy, gentle. […]

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