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A Miracle: Dempsey, a Boxer Who Survived The Cold And Being Hit by a Car

As soon as Christine Pierce learned about a family from Maryland who lost their dog while traveling to visit relatives on the holidays, she piled her children and younger brother into her Jeep and went to look for it. “I have a dog myself and I just know I would be devastated if anything happened […]


Social Media Finds Boxer Dog 7 Miles From Home

Cody Moore is grateful to have his dog Ziggy back home. “He never runs away either he never runs away that was the first time ever,” explained Moore. However Ziggy might be far more pleased. “His back leg is limped really bad,” mentioned Moore. “Now he has scratches and stuff all over him pretty beat […]


‘Robot’ Searches Sewer For Missing Dog

Titusville (FL) dog owners Kris Lee and husband Bill searched for 15 hours on Thursday for their lost dog, “Sugar Baby.” They had received a call that their lost doggie was seen in a area 5 miles from their home. The 4-year-old Boxer slipped out of her fenced yard 8 days ago after a gate […]