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Tug-of-War: Boxer versus Baby

Parents of the Year stand back and laugh as their daughter gets her butt kicked playing tug-of-war with Linus. They say: “If you think babies should be kept in a bubble, please do not watch this.” “Trust me, he’s being very gentle (and you’ll note she’s smiling).” Says the baby’s father. He adds: “When I […]


6 Insane Dog Behaviors

Dog are so funny and we couldn’t live without them… Right? But a lot of what they do is so weird that you can’t help but question what the hell they’re thinking. It turns out they have their reasons. In some instances weird, disgusting reasons… Here are the top insane dog behaviors: – Eating poop – Sniffing […]


Sleeping Boxer With Weird Snore

How cool is a snoring doggie? Pretty cool 🙂 Yes, Boxers and the majority of the short nosed dogs snore. Their noses are short and they are not able to cool or heat the air going in so it’s best to keep them in the cool for the summer because they can have some heat […]


Subaru Commercial: “Teen-Aged” Daughter Making Out With a Boxer

Subaru constantly puts safety at the forefront of their models, which make their vehicles some of the safest cars of 2014. There are numerous various systems that keep passengers protected constantly, however humans are not the manufacturer’s only worry, which is a claim that is backed by the amusing new Subaru ‘Dog Tested, Dog Approved’ […]


Boxer Hits Snooze Button on Alarm Clock

“My dog hit the snooze button.” In terms of justifications for being late to work go, it’s quite out there. However one man at last has evidence of why he’s constantly running late after he captured his Boxer dog coming into his room to turn off his alarm. Very funny video shows the impetuous boxer […]


Boxers Biting Balloons Bring Lots of Happiness

It does not take something sophisticated to make a dog happy, however occasionally it takes a thing a bit unusual. These 2 boxers are having the time of their lives biting a number of balloons that are conveniently lying everywhere over the back outdoor patio. If you need someone to cleanup after your up coming […]

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