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Boxer’s Fear Periods

The time between 8 to 12 weeks is occasionally referred to as the fear imprint period. It is usually thought that any painful or particularly frightening experience results in a long lasting impression on a pup at this time, even more than if that same experience took place at some other time in life. ensure […]


6 Insane Dog Behaviors

Dog are so funny and we couldn’t live without them… Right? But a lot of what they do is so weird that you can’t help but question what the hell they’re thinking. It turns out they have their reasons. In some instances weird, disgusting reasons… Here are the top insane dog behaviors: – Eating poop – Sniffing […]


How To Tell if Your Dog’s Happy

Any time a dog is happy, he has relaxed body language. His muscles are relaxed, his tail and ears are held in their natural positions, and he seems neither large nor small for his physique. He may possibly wag his tail from side to side or in a circular motion. His facial expression is neutral […]


Why Do Dogs Howl?

Understanding your dog’s behavior can be a challenging process. For instance, why do dogs howl? Experts confess that howling behavior in dogs continues to be mostly a mystery. However if Fido goes wild at the sound of sirens or other dogs, it is not due to the fact his ears hurt. It’s his origins that’s […]


Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Why do dogs tilt their head in response to human’s voice or some strange noise? It is a phenomenon that has long fascinated dog lovers. In England back in the 1880s, for instance, after fox terrier named Nipper’s human passed away, the dog was adopted by artist Francois Barraud. As Sharon Lynn Vanderlip recounts in […]

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