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Boxers Helping Owners Dealing With Health Issues

Best Buddy

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Bently’s First Year of Life

“Back in 2008 I was diagnosed with cancer, Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the floor of my mouth, I had radical surgery & went through radiation.  Duke was just 2 years old when this occurred. He was my “best friend” throughout this difficult time, as my husband was a Contractor in Iraq, so it was Duke & I for that year.  In 2009, Duke would lay next to me in my bed & kept licking my neck & face, smelling my breath & lay his head across my neck all the time.
I started having pain in my neck & went back to my Oncologist for my 3 mo. check up & sure enough, Duke was trying to warn me that my cancer had returned by his actions!  That November 2009, I underwent a radical surgical procedure , they cut a “V” section in my neck (they cut me from ear to ear all the way down to my collar bone area), removed 44 lymph nodes & 4 were filled with the same cancer as before.  I then went through more radiation & chemo for a 6 weeks & Duke was there for me all the way!  What a “Best Buddy”!!  He will be turning 7 years old this November & I cannot imagine what would have happened if he had not alerted me that something was amiss!.   I love him to pieces & he loves me!” ~ Ursula Thompson

Boxers are truly the best breed ever

“Hi my name is Melissa and I suffer from Chronic Lyme Disease for 20 years now. My boxer is absolute amazing in helping me through this journey. Whenever I am bed ridden she doesn’t leave my side and cuddles all day she won’t even get up to eat or go out. She knows since of time I don’t care what people say about a dog not knowing time because she knows.

For instance if I am sick and asleep and it’s almost time for me to have to get my son from school she will wake me up wining and nudging me then once I get out of bed she runs right to the front door letting me know it’s time to go now that’s special if you ask me. I have 2 other dogs that are not boxers but adopted mix breeds they do not do this. My boxer knows how to always make me laugh, she’s always there. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know what I would do. She’s so smart and helps me. Boxers are truly the best breed ever.” ~ Melissa Bolte

He knew he was my baby

“After I had a hysterectomy, Diesel would not leave my side. He laid there against my stomach and just kept watch. He knew he was my baby. He would get mad if anyone tried to come near me. I was his charge while I was recovering. He’s the best dog ever.” ~ Sarah A. Martin