Boxer’s Fear Periods

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The time between 8 to 12 weeks is occasionally referred to as the fear imprint period. It is usually thought that any painful or particularly frightening experience results in a long lasting impression on a pup at this time, even more than if that same experience took place at some other time in life.

ensure that the pup is not overwhelmed by anything. A cool, calm, matter-of-fact approach will go far to guarantee that your pup will emerge from this fear period with no emotional scars.

Here’s a cute video with an African spur chasing a boxer puppy! Will this Puppy be afraid of Turtle? No… He’s just playing!

In the time between about 12 weeks and 8 months, your boxer puppy will experience numerous distinct phases emotionally and physically. It’s possible that he will undergo other fear periods to a lesser extent.

In case your pup shows any fear responses that do not appear to be normal, you can presume that they fall into one of the fear period categories. Never try to make him overcome it by pulling him to the object he fears. The best intervention is none. Leave him alone, disregard his reaction, and the behavior will pass. He will find out that generally, what he feared is completely safe and harmless to him.

In the time between 8 to 14 month a secondary fear period may also appear. Quite a few boxers show no signs of this secondary fear period, however some do. In the wild, young dogs would be taken hunting with the pack for the very first time throughout this period. They would certainly realize that whenever they saw or smelled something different, they should treat it like danger. For many dogs, wild or domestic, danger means fear. It was nature’s way of instilling watchfulness into wild canines.

Sexual awareness will make your boxer very conscious that he may have some competitors in other males, and this can make him feel insecure. This is a crucial time to keep training and socializing him and to prevent letting him think that the world is big and dangerous.