Boxers: Clowns of the Dog World

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Boxers are fantastic pets for all those who have the persistence and a firm hand to handle their happy displays of playful behavior. Stalwart protectors and devoted members of the family, boxers come with a large variety of personalities and style.

Boxer dogs are extremely playful. On a poll survey carried out, dog owners referred to boxers as clowns, contradicting the aggressive characterization extensively accepted today. They are joyful from day one to their senior years.

Watch this funny video with two Boxers dining with their hands:

Boxer dogs is an entertaining breed and constantly have the knack for making special tricks like the “kidney beaning” and the “woo-woo”. These two are often manifested when they are excited or overly happy (which is true in most cases).

Kidney beaning is a dance, which is characterized with a semi-circle turn then a turn for a full circle. On the other hand, “woo-woo” is a distinct sound they made which appeals like a bark but is actually not.

They also let their owners do whatever they want with them 🙂

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